In this gal­le­ry you will find so­me pic­tu­res ta­ken on my hill, mo­st of all du­ring bloo­ming sea­son, but al­so du­ring wee­ding works, af­ter ar­ran­ge­ment of fel­led tree steps, and much mo­re …, as well as all iri­ses I grow sor­ted by class (i.e. tall bear­ded iri­ses, bor­der bear­ded iri­ses, in­ter­me­dia­te bear­ded iri­ses, a.s.o.) in al­pha­be­ti­cal or­der, by hy­bri­di­zer (in this ca­se cri­te­rion for iris sor­ting will be their crea­tor), and by year of re­gi­stra­tion (this ty­pe of sor­ting can be in­te­re­sting in or­der to ap­pre­cia­te evo­lu­tion of iris hy­bri­di­zing over ti­me).

Ob­viou­sly, I could not ta­ke pic­tu­res of ma­ny iri­ses of the gal­le­ry, as they will bloom next spring on­ly. Mo­st of lac­king pic­tu­res ha­ve been ta­ken from “Iris En­cy­clo­pe­dia“, and au­tho­r’s na­me is writ­ten on the pic­tu­re itself. If so­me of you should be op­po­sed to the use of their own pic­tu­res, plea­se let me know that by the “Con­tac­ts” sho­wn in the de­di­ca­ted pa­ge of this si­te, and re­la­ted pic­tu­res shall be im­me­dia­te­ly re­mo­ved.