Intermediate bearded irises

In­ter­me­dia­te bear­ded iri­ses (ab­bre­via­tion: IB) stand from 41 cm (16 in­ches) to 70 cm (27 1/2 in­ches) hi­gh, with their bloom sea­son over­lap­ping the stan­dard dwarf and the tall bear­ded iri­ses. Al­thou­gh the IBs show their dwarf an­ce­stry in ear­ly bloom sea­son and ve­ry in­te­re­sting co­lor pat­terns, they are lar­ge enou­gh that their in­di­vi­dual stalks may be ni­ce­ly bran­ched.

He­re you will find all va­rie­ties gro­wn on my hill, but not all are avai­la­ble for ex­chan­ge and/or sa­le. To swap and/or buy your fa­vou­ri­te va­rie­ties, see Avai­la­ble iri­ses.

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