Miniature tall bearded irises

The­se are the mi­nia­tu­re tall bear­ded iri­ses, which are avai­la­ble for ex­chan­ge or sa­le. You can re­ser­ve them till the end of Sep­tem­ber re­fer­ring to the item “Con­tac­ts” of this si­te. They will be de­li­ve­red from mid-Ju­ly to mid-Oc­to­ber de­pen­ding upon agreed da­te that be­st fi­ts you.

Mi­nia­tu­re tall bear­ded iri­ses are 41 cm (16 in­ches) to 70 cm (27 1/2 in­ches) hi­gh and are di­stin­gui­shed by dain­ti­ness and de­li­ca­cy. The blooms are smal­ler than on a bor­der bear­ded iris and the stems are thin and wi­ry. An MTB clump looks li­ke a cloud of but­ter­flies. They are of­ten cal­led “Ta­ble Iri­ses” be­cau­se they are so well sui­ted for ar­ran­ge­men­ts.

Click on thumb­nails to open iris sheet, whe­re you can find fur­ther in­for­ma­tion about va­rie­ty as well as fur­ther pic­tu­res ta­ken on my hill, if any.

Do­n’t for­get to choo­se your bo­nus among your fa­vou­ri­te iri­ses: Bo­nus iri­ses