Nameless irises

I know that they ha­ve been re­gi­ste­red, but their la­bel got lo­st, or they ha­ve been in pos­ses­sion of my fa­mi­ly for ma­ny years wi­thout any iden­ti­fi­ca­tion (ob­viou­sly na­me sho­wn is a fan­ta­sy one) (ab­bre­via­tion: NOID).

He­re you will find all va­rie­ties gro­wn on my hill, but not all are avai­la­ble for ex­chan­ge and/or sa­le. To swap and/or buy your fa­vou­ri­te va­rie­ties, see Avai­la­ble iri­ses.

Click on thumb­nails to open iris sheet, whe­re you will find fur­ther in­for­ma­tion about se­lec­ted va­rie­ty.